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Summer Volunteering 2019

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What is it?

Volunteer in your local library to support Space Chase, the Summer Reading Challenge 2019

When is it?

Volunteering opportunities are available over the summer holidays.


There are lots of things young volunteers do to help run the Summer Reading Challenge.

Some common roles include:

  • Helping staff to sign children up to the Summer Reading Challenge

  • Helping children to choose new books

  • Talking to children about the books they've been reading

  • Giving out incentive items and certificates as children progress through the Challenge

  • Helping to promote and lead summer activities such as craft sessions, story-times and coding clubs

  • Helping to create library displays

Take a look at the different hacks on this website for more event and activity ideas.

Contact your local library to find out about volunteering opportunities in your area. Click here to search for your closest library service

Activity log

Today i went in and they asked me to help out with the slime event that they had on! It ended up getting very messy and was very hard to clean up. However, after the event i went to the desk that i would normally sit on and nobody came to me for anything! So, i moved the treasure hunt posters to give me something to do!

This was first time doing this. It was very easy to do. It got very busy but nobody came in from 12:00 until 1:00. It was very stressful near the start though because there were lots of babies running about from an event they had had on earlier. It was very fun though and i really enjoyed it!

Day 2.
Yesterday was similar to the first day I was there however, most children were on their 3rd visit and were excited on getting their medals and certificates to take to school when they went back. Also, the children who finished the summer reading challenge were able to ring a special bell to tell the library that they finished the summer reading challenge and were excited to ring the bell. I had a fun and enjoyable time. I also had more spare time and helped around the library putting returned books back on to the shelves and in the right place.

The first day i started my volunteering work/day. I was sat at a desk full of all the different pieces to give the children on their 1st, 2nd and 3rd visits. Most children that came in that day were on visit number 2. Also, the library displayed the different characters fro the space chance around the library and the children had to find them and write the names and the numbers they had on pictures on the sheet i gave them. All the children that participated in the activity enjoyed it as at the end of it they got a space chase character sticker. I had really enjoyed my first day volunteering at the library.


Yesterday wasn't very busy at all! I gave one child their 2nd and 3rd lots of stickers as well as giving them their prizes for completing the challenge. While I wasn't serving anyone, I returned children's books to shelves and wrote on Natterbooks leaflets about the next meeting dates.

It wasn't the busiest time I've ever spent volunteering but it was worth me coming. I gave out 3 lots of stickers and signed 1 person up to the SRC. I also gave out prizes to2 people who had completed the challenge and intersted 1 person in Natterbooks. Also, I gave out a few treasure hunts.

Helped make spaceships for the kids to decorate themselves and take home

One of the busiest volunteering sessions ever! There were about 10 babies/children in the children's section when I got there, which is great to see! I answered 3 people's questions, gave out 7 lots of stickers and signed up 4 people. I also helped 2 people and gave out 6 treasure hunts. A very enjoyable day- it was definitely worthwhile.

Helped out with a craft activity.

Handed out a few prizes today and another two certificates and medals! Also organised a display board promoting electronic reading.

Signed quite a few children up to the SRC and already handed out a certificate and medal to a child who completed their 6 books!

Just finished my 15 hours and looking forward to doing more

2 hrs 26th July

This was the busiet time I've ever spent SRC volunteering! I signed 10 people up to the SRC and gave out 4 treasure hunts. Overall it was a very busy and it was definitely worthwhile for me to come.

I signed up seven children to the reading challenge, including pre-schoolers. I also promoted the different events that we have on in the library over the summer holidays.

It was definitely worth me coming into the library today! I signed 2 people up to the SRC, gave out 3 treasure hunts and 1 person signed up to Natterbooks which is really good! I also helped 3 different people look for books they wanted/ suggested some books to read.

A lot happened yesterday! I signed 3 new people up to the Summer Reading Challenge, gave 2 sticker sheets out (one second set and one third set) and interested 5 people with SRC activities (including colouring in and the treasure hunt). I also talked to 2 children who were interested in Natterbooks which is a good sign!

I helped people sign up for the challenge and I tidied bookshelves and tables.