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Mystery sentences!

  • Comedy
  • Spoken Word
  • Theatre
  • Books
  • Poetry
  • Arts and crafts
  • Writing
  • Help others

What is it?

This Hack is great way to develop your imagination, confidence and communication skills. The group leader writes down a range of different sentences/words on pieces of paper and places them into a bag. Then each sub-group, of 2 or more people, picks out a piece of paper. Afterwards, they have to try to come up with an idea, whether a play, poem, drawing or short story, involving that sentence/word and think of a creative way to present their idea to the rest of the group. Finally, the entire group comes together and each sub-group has the opportunity to perform, explain or read their final creative idea to the group.

Where will it happen?

You will need a large area for the groups to work in their teams and practice their presentation as well as a special performing area.

When is it?

This hack could take place whenever, and around the times of certain events the sentences or words could be themed to match this event, e.g. Christmas words or spooky sentences.


For this hack you will need:
Colouring materials