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What is it?

My Hack is a creation or build on Minecraft. The Hackers need to work in a team to create their build. They must first read the book all together, as a small book club before building so they all have an understanding.
The Hackers must build a storyline on Minecraft to tell what has happened in a book. It need to be at least 8 scenes long and they need to have read their chosen book to be able to explain the story in just 8 Minecraft builds. Also if they wish to they can build the title of the book in front or above the storyline. The story line can be flat or 3D but they can't just write out the story.

Where will it happen?

They hardly need any space just a tablet or computer that has Minecraft downloaded on it. They also all need to be in a space big enough for maximum of five people.

When is it?

It can be a regular hack as long as everyone in the team is available.


They need:
At least one other person in the hack
(Maximum of 5 people in the hack.
Tablets or computers (something that everyone can connect to, so they can work together.
To pick a book they all will like