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Although we do post-moderate the website, we can’t check every single hack on, or every member using it, so please follow these guidelines to keep safe.

Hacks on

All of the hacks posted on are either national opportunities promoted by The Reading Agency or youth-led ideas and opportunities. is a youth-led environment where young people can promote their own event and ideas, and because we do not organise these opportunities ourselves, we can’t guarantee the safety standards of this event. Do not join any hacks if you feel suspicious about them – get in touch with us instead at or on 0207 324 2544 and we’ll check it out for you.

If you’re under 18, get permission from a parent or guardian before signing up to the website and joining any hacks. members cannot talk directly to each other on the site and other members will not be able to see your personal details such as your real name, location or age. Do you put any personal details in your hack name and make sure it’s not related too closely to your real name.

If you do feel suspicious, uncomfortable or unhappy about the way another user is behaving please email us straight away on or on 0207 324 2544, so that we can take immediate action. However, if you’re in immediate danger or want urgent help, then call 999, or get in contact with your local police or the CEOP Internet Safety Centre .

Any member behaving inappropriately online will be removed from Any illegal activity will be reported to the appropriate law enforcement authorities.


For your security, your password must be at least 8 characters long, and must be a mix of letters and numbers or symbols.

Don’t share your password with anyone. Make sure you don’t use something obvious that someone could guess, such as your own name, favourite band or birthday.

Public facing profiles do not contact any personal details. Don’t post personal details such as your messenger ID, phone number or email address on public areas of the site. (It’s OK to put these in your profile when you register, as we’ll keep it safe, in line with our privacy policy.)

Any user that sets a username or avatar that is offensive will be removed from the site.

User generated content on

Always be respectful to yourself and others online. Make sure the comments and photos you post on are suitable to share. You will be banned from the site if you post anything that’s offensive, threatening, obscene, bullying, misleading, unreliable or likely to put you or other people at risk.

Ensure that you have permission to upload any photos you put on the sure, and don’t upload anything that’s copyright protected.

If someone says something you don’t like report it, don’t retaliate.

Don’t post anything on your activity feed or in hack details that could be seen as offensive or rude.

If you find anything on this website that you think is inappropriate or makes you feel uncomfortable or unhappy, please email us straight away at or call us on 020 7960 7000, so that we can take immediate action.

If the content breaks our terms and conditions then it will be removed. Any illegal activity will be reported to the appropriate law enforcement authorities.


We are committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. When you provide information by which you can be identified, we will treat that information according to our privacy policy.